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Our vision is to build a community of Christ followers in business, who are disciples in the workplace, and who are empowered through Christ to significantly reduce unemployment in Durban.

In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, we see now, more than ever, the need to build a community of Christians in Business, uniting through the convergence of compassion and expertise.

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Vulnerability – Patrick Kuwana
May 16, 2020

In this video, Patrick Kuwana talks about how living in a place vulnerability has impacted his life, and can impact yours.

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The key to emotional health and remaining a strong, effective leader over this time will require you to make some value-based decisions for your life.

First, you need to first ask yourself where you are putting your trust, and to shift those affiliations. Trust the voices of close people around you, not just anybody. Place your trust in God.

Second, be vulnerable to those you do trust. Vulnerability helps show others that we are indeed human, and it reminds us of that fact too! However, be strong when it comes to showing a new direction.

Third,  be open to new territory. Act instinctively. Follow the promptings of your gut, trust the Holy Spirit. There’s no manual for the time we find ourselves in, so it’s no use trying to find the “answer.”

Fourth, make decisions, and make them quickly. Then, review them. And if you need to make another decision, then do it. You need to be agile

And fifth, remember to affirm those leaders in your businesses, teams, or your greater network. People need to be reminded right now that they are all in the same situation.

Watch the above answers in context from Mickey Wilkins’ video

Managing the salary bill during this season can be extremely stressful and difficult to navigate. Many organizations are experiencing a massive cash flow crunch at this present moment. So what do you do as a business leader?

Retrenchment should not be your first option. If you can keep your staff on, do it. If you are going to consider reducing their salary rates, it’s good to engage with your employees through a consultative process.

We encourage you to watch this video by Claire Stewart for more understanding around this issue.

A lot of business owners are wondering how to navigate salary cuts during this crisis. For business owners, it’s good to have this conversation with your employees. When you do, make sure you set a good foundation for the conversation. Make sure you envision your employees in the future, build trust with them through open dialogue, and help them understand the position that the business is in. This is a process that must not be rushed.

Mostly, lead from the front. Be prepared to take the biggest cuts first to protect lower earners. Doing this will extend confidence to those you are leading. Remember to always remain open, engaging, reasonable, and kind during this time.

For more to this answer, make sure you watch Craig Coombe’s video on navigating salary cuts

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