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What is City Serve all about?

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November 29, 2019
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On Saturday, 30 November, citizens of Durban from all walks and spheres of life are coming together to serve our city by cleaning its beaches and serving those who serve us.

City Serve is an event that embodies our values at City Story. Our mission is to see citizens connect with each other and with the problems, to facilitate and build collaborative relationships that focus all of our available resources, and ultimately see the change we all dream about. This process requires us to change the narrative.

Currently, the narrative in Durban is one of negativity and cynicism. It’s a narrative where the city doesn’t feel like we have the responsibility to shift culture and change the narrative to good. With such a strong narrative, it can be easy to point a finger at other people for not meeting an expectation that we have.

An event like City Serve changes the narrative by showing us that we can take responsibility for our City, and promote a culture that shows just how much stronger we are when we work together. Whether it’s solving complex social issues that we find in the CBD, or getting stuck in at the beachfront, there’s an enormous amount of narrative that can change when we get involved.

This year we have vastly increased our relationship with over a dozen citizen-led organizations, such as non-profits, Churches, businesses & government to drive various initiatives along the Durban beachfront. Stretching from the new promenade extension at Vetchies Beach, all the way north to Suncoast beach, we’re seeing people involved in serving those who serve our city; such as lifeguards, police officers, car guards, and informal traders, and cleaning various zones of our beachfront.

Find out more details about the event here: city-story.org/city-serve

Should you have any further inquiries, please contact Alison Elliott on 079 527 4402 or alison@citystory.durban

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