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Pollution Unites Durbanites

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May 21, 2019
After the recent Durban Storm, it’s become evident that a clean environment is important to all of us.
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On Tuesday, 23 April 2019, the City of Durban was impacted by record-breaking rainfall. Flooding swept through low lying parts of the City, damaging roads, utilities and sweeping out pollution-filled rivers all across the municipality. A lot of this plastic pollution made its way down into the ocean, where currents and waves deposited the pollution back on the shores. The weekends that followed saw hundreds of volunteers scouring the coastline with refuse bags to pick up any and all pollution they could find.

There are many groups in Durban that were responsible for the subsequent beachfront clean-up and who exist to ensure the greenbelts along our coastal region are kept in pristine condition. Durban Green Corridors is an organization that exists with a social purpose and is focused on creating a positive environmental impact by removing plastic pollution along the coastal region of Durban, providing waste management education & opportunities for the youth of the City.

Durban Green Corridors is not the only organization looking to make a difference. Durbanites Against Plastic Pollution, The Litterboom Project and KZN Beach Cleanup are further examples of citizens of Durban uniting around an important societal & environmental cause and are bringing a huge change to these spheres. These projects have also nurtured stronger public-private partnerships, which have included ordinary citizens in guiding policy and stewarding resources in a more efficient and effective way.

It’s encouraging that in the City of Durban, a comradery can exist around common issues. Amidst the negative sentiment often expressed regarding pollution, when it comes to cleaning up the mess and beautifying our city, we can get the job done. Durban is blessed to have over 100KM’s of beautiful coastline, which is a major tourist attraction all year round. The expansive Golden Mile stretching from uShaka Beach towards Umhlanga attracts and welcomes millions of South African’s and international tourists every year. There’s a very good reason to be proud of our beautiful coastline and to keep it in a spotless condition, so why not get involved with one of the organizations linked above and make a contribution to your City!

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