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October 29, 2021
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Are you a Christian entrepreneur with a deep passion and desire to create new things, create employment as to empower other people, and to make a redemptive difference in South Africa and the world through initiative? 

One of our friends, Triga Ventures, is a South African organisation that exists with the vision of solving some of Africa’s most pressing challenges, by offering support to the visionaries themselves – the entrepreneurs on the ground who are building high-impact redemptive ventures. 

Triga Ventures believe that entrepreneurs have a key role to play in Africa’s redemptive purpose. They see their ventures as the iron chariots of Judges 1:19 – expertly designed mechanisms capable of bringing solutions to some of the most pressing issues. Triga (the Greek word for a three-horse chariot) believes that ventures advancing education, health, food and agriculture, housing and infrastructure and technology, amongst others, have the potential to create large-scale change.

If you are an entrepreneur who share this heart, then the Triga family is for you. Check them out! 

If you’re looking for more resources, why not pick up this free e-book “Faith Driven Entrepreneur”or explore some other like-minded groups like Ziwani and Faith Driven Investor

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