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Durban Inner-city Collaboration Program

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December 17, 2019
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At the beginning of 2019, we made a pledge to begin forming meaningful partnerships in the Durban Inner City that would work towards sustainable, positive change bringing hope for our City.

Behind the scenes, we have been initiating partnerships with key stakeholders, active in the inner-city, in order to formulate a sustainable, scalable plan in support of the City’s Inner City Rejuvenation Strategy and Vision to see the Durban Inner City become: “Africa’s leading, most vibrant, liveable, walk-able city centre.”

We have commenced a pilot program within the South Beach Precinct [Bordered by OR Tambo Parade // Anton Lembede // Shepstone St // Rutherford St]. This pilot area has been chosen as it has existing public and private sector institutional layers in place, that include eThekwini Metro Departments; relevant Durban Chamber of Commerce Sub-Committees; SAPS and the Urban Improvement Precinct (UIP) Company NPC (SRA) representing property owners.

The program promotes increased employment and mobilization of locally employed teams under the supervision of the Durban UIP Co and in collaboration with other public sector stakeholders. This supervision allows property owners and business owners in the precinct increased public realm management support, in order to augment all eThekwini Metro resources already deployed into the immediate surroundings.

Our pilot program precinct (yellow) surrounding the existing UIP (blue)

Our Achievements so far:
The beginning of December marked the commencement & implementation of the collaboration program. Over 100 youth, through the Yes4Youth program, have been employed to fulfill the following roles within the pilot precinct:

Precinct Cleaning Services
Precinct Street Ambassadors

In addition to the above other projects are earmarked for 2020 and beyond:

Promenade & Beach Maintenance & Beautification
Roving Pay-For-Parking Monitors
Inner City – Support to Homeless through NGO/FBO/PBO and City Partnerships
Inner City Roof Top & Vertical Gardens
Volunteer Mobilisation
Communication & Media Strategy

The first employed youth in their new sponsored uniforms

How can you get involved?
The program is being facilitated by City Story, who is a registered PBO that can issue donors with S18A Certificates, as well as provide the appropriate governance and advisory support. Whilst salaries of those currently employed are provided by the Yes4Youth Program, additional needs such as uniforms, radios and cleaning equipment need to be self-funded. Your financial donations earmarked for the Inner-city Collaboration Program will go towards funding these needs, as well as enabling additional sustainable job creation. In addition, corporate funding via all accredited BEE funding avenues can also be facilitated, namely: Enterprise Development; Skills Development; and Socio-Economic Development.

We believe that public-private sector collaboration will bring a huge amount of change to the inner-city if expanded. The rejuvenation of the Durban Inner City cannot be achieved overnight, and the challenges are many, but it can be achieved if we work together. To realize this ideal, additional funding for the ongoing comprehensive marketing & media campaign, as well as to support increased sustainable job creating projects will be required.

If you would like to partner and be part of sustainable collaborative job creation solutions, please engage with us. Further inquiries can be made to Alison Elliott at or 079 527 4402

Would you like to be involved in shaping Durban?

If so, we'd love to hear from you, and connect you to like minded people in your area of interest.