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Domino Disaster Relief Unit in action

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There’s a phrase the apostle Paul used in one of his letters which aptly describes The Domino Foundation’s Disaster Relief Unit: “…prepared in season and out of season.” The holiday prospects of the Easter weekend were abruptly altered when more than 300 mm of rain deluged the city. The inevitable destruction and human misery spurred the DRU team, its partners and a small army of volunteers into top gear. The first to deliver much needed relief supplies to Domino’s offices were the Kolisi Foundation, Boxer Superstores and aQuellé. They have been followed by a procession of other donors and willing volunteers set to pack relief buckets.  Cathy Whittle, Disaster Response Unit Co-ordinator, said that most of the foundation’s more than 14 000 beneficiaries live in some of the worst hit areas and are very vulnerable at this time. “We aren’t using a shotgun approach. We are working directly with community leaders who have displaced, desperate people gathering in community halls which have cooking facilities. Domino delivers food parcels to these community leaders and, in this way, food gets directly to those who need it!” 

Cathy said that Domino has committed to providing 500 food buckets per week for a month. She added that there are easy options for those wanting to help:  to do from the safety of your home, offices, city, province or country: they can donate financially online via EFT, Zapper, Credit Card or PayPal (using the code attached); they can contact Domino’s Donor Relations Champions Tarin (, Elaine ( or Navin ( who will send a Corporate Proposal for CSI Flood Relief Funding and Business Support; they could organize a collection of rice, beans, oil, maize, baked beans, salt and green Sunlight bar soap and blankets and  call  031 563 9605 or email for Domino to arrange collection. Alternatively, donations can be dropped at the foundation’s offices  at 37 Mackeurtan Ave, Durban North.

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