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City Serve 2019 – Recap

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January 29, 2020
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On Saturday, 30 November, City Story facilitated a collaborative effort of over a dozen Citizen-led organizations & Churches along the Durban Golden Mile. The day comprised of these groups of people doing what they do best; loving the City of Durban in the most practical & demonstrable ways. A lot of people were wondering if a day like this could ever do enough. We think it’s safe to say that big drives like this are probably never enough. In a world plagued by many social, environmental & economic problems, both short & long term, there’s just too much to do.

What a day like this does for our future is immeasurable. With countless generations ahead of us, the effort we put in now could just make the impact we need for the next generation. We demonstrate a new culture, or a new worldview, or a new way of thinking. We show people that it’s not so much what people are doing wrong that’s the issue, but that it’s also up to the people who do right to give an example of a way to live right. And what better way than to do that in a greater number? Our efforts on our own can by hidden amongst the dark, but when we get alongside likeminded people and collaborate towards a common goal, we eventually see the present and future change we desire. For those of you who heard about the event got involved in the day, thank you for supporting the initiative of your choice and for serving our city. 

To start, on the day we had New Beginnings Bible Church from Chesterville took lead on meeting and greeting street vendors located at various points along the Durban promenade to bless, encourage and find out how best they could serve them ongoingly. 

Every Nation Durban raised support & donations of new uniforms & supplies for the car-guards along the Golden Mile. Each car-guard also received a hand-written note from children around Durban thanking them for their ongoing service, protecting our vehicles when we are there to enjoy the beaches. Olive Tree Church took on the initiative to bless and appreciate the lifeguards with food packs and free massages. The massage therapist team also took initiative to find and massage any municipal employee they could find on the beachfront. Thank you to these teams!

We also saw a team from Impilo tackle some challenges at the North Beach Police Station. One of their goals was to ensure staff morale at this busy police station was lifted by giving the walls a new coat of paint and installing plants to spruce up their environment, this is an ongoing project which we look forward to seeing develop.

The Rock Church, Harvest Church, a group of children from Maris Stella and many other teams of people did a targeted cleanup & garden renovation at the Addington Hospital visitors’ atrium. This area received a huge garden makeover, window cleaning and a new coat of paint. Staff & patients shared their utmost gratitude for the effort from everyone involved, and we look forward to seeing future partnerships with Addington Hospital. 

A huge round of thanks goes out to the many environmental & conservation organizations that mobilized their volunteer base to clean the beaches & dunes along various zones stretching from the Vechies Beach reef all the way to Suncoast beach. Special thanks to BREATHE Ocean Conservation, Zebra Shark Adventure,  KZN Beach Cleanup, The Litterboom Project, Waste Action Tribe, Planet Protector, litter4tokens, Isphepho Enviro Ambassadors, Durbanites Against Plastic Pollution and Green Corridors for your huge effort during City Serve. Durban Solid Waste (DSW) was also instrumental in cleaning specific areas too and with managing the waste collected on the day. 

We look forward to City Serve 2020, happening on Saturday. 28 November 2020 – And we’re wanting you to lead a project or join a team. Our big ask is for you to sit down with your friends, your work colleagues, or your church, and come up with something that you can do as a collective during City Serve 2020. We want to build momentum as the year continues, if you have an idea and a plan to make it happen, please contact Alison at

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