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The Potential

What is Durban’s true identity?

Uplifting a city, its people and its profile requires a sound plan and a clear future focus that drives real action. The key is a commitment to working with Government, Businesses, NPO’s and citizens to collectively help the eThekwini Municipality achieve its vision for Durban’s inner city to be…

Africa’s leading, most vibrant, liveable, walk-able city centre.
(Providing economic, residential, sporting and leisure opportunities for all)

Now that is a vision we can all support!


The Plan

This vision forms part of the eThekwini Municipality’s

Inner City LAP (Local Area Plan). See details here

This includes 11 zones in and around Durban’s CBD, waterfront, beaches, transport hubs and sporting precincts.
CityStory supports the eThekwini Municipality’s development principles for Durban, which are to create:


  1. A connected city:
    – New integrated public transport network called “GoDurban”
    – New cycling lane network
    – New linkage roads
    – Upgrades to major transport hubs e.g. Warwick Junction
  2. A walk-able city:
    – New pedestrian priority network
    – Streets designed for a pleasant and safe pedestrian experience
    – Public transport in the right places
    – Point development with a new promenade
  3. An integrated & inclusive city:
    – New residential and tourism developments along the waterfront, parks and sporting areas as well as connections to public transport routes
    – Upgraded public spaces.


The Practice

We work with public and private entities already actively making a difference in the inner city, and then mobilise CityStory volunteers, or our “Community of Courage”, to action the plans of inner city renewal. The goal is to ultimately change the negative narrative of Durbanites to that of a positive one.

We are therefore supporting what the city is doing while practically loving its people. We get involved with many initiatives that uplift people, places and perspectives around Durban, e.g. beach clean-ups, urban upliftment projects, education initiatives and serving those who serve us, like police men and women, lifeguards, nurses, street cleaners, security guards, etc.

If you love Durban and believe, like us, that it can be a truly amazing place to live, then Sign-Up to JOIN our #CommunityOfCourage at our next event.

“Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent then the one derived from fear of punishment.“ – Gandhi

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Would you like to be involved in shaping Durban?

If so, we'd love to hear from you, and connect you to like minded people in your area of interest.

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